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Quick Notes, Templates and how to use them.

Posted by Mark D'Arcy , 29 August 2012 · 10,464 views

Quick Notes, Templates and how to use them. In version 5.1 (If my memory serves me correctly) we introduced templates within FTR Gold (Monitor, Reporter and Log Notes) You will even find it in Interrogator and Hearings. I think it is one of the least understood but most useful features that we have introduced, so I have decided to enlighten everyone on what they are and how they work. I will leave the actual configuration process to the user's guides.

Firstly I need to explain what the templates are. Templates contain quick notes and are used to ensure consistency in the use of terminology in each log sheet. Quick notes are commonly used words or phrases that are inserted in a log sheet with a simple keyboard shortcut. Each template includes quick notes. A template is typically created for each case type e.g. Children's, District or Supreme although I have seen cases where each user has their own personal template. These templates can be stored either locally or in a shared network folder for all users to access, as required.

What most people don't realize is the last part, within the Administration tab (Click the Menu button, point to Tools then Options and click the Administration tab) you can configure the location where your templates are saved. This means that every computer running Recorder, Log Notes and Monitor can access the same quick notes without having to copy them around, this makes it easy to edit the central quick notes and have the changes immediately accessible to each machine or even for people to have their own personal template they use to be available on every machine.

The second part of templates/quick notes that tends to cause the most calls, is that you have 2 sets of quick notes. Template quick notes which are stored in XML format in the template location, these quick notes are copied to the log sheet when it is created. You then have Log sheet quick notes, which are the quick notes copied from the template and are embedded within the log sheet.

The log sheet quick notes can be edited by clicking the quick notes button in the toolbar. The MOST important thing to know is that when quick notes are edited in a log sheet via the quick notes button in the tool bar, they are not changed in the template. To edit the Template quick notes you need to edit them via the template dialog (Click the Menu button, point to Tools then click Templates.) by selecting the required template and then clicking the Quick Notes button.

For more information on Quick Notes and Templates have a browse through the User Guide for your version, You can find the user guide for Reporter 5.6 here.