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Encryption of Recordings

Posted by Mark D'Arcy , 19 September 2012 · 9,476 views

Encryption of Recordings In TheRecord Manager 5.5, FTR added the ability to save encrypted copies. This is sometimes confused with signing that was introduced in TheRecord Manager 5.6 and mentioned in this blog.

To understand the difference please read the following information.

When signed, a digital certificate is applied to recordings in real time as they are recorded, Those recordings are not encrypted in any way and users can open them without having the certificate. The certificate is only used to verify that the files have not been tampered with.

Encryption on the other hand is done after the recordings have been created and is designed for secure transporting of content between locations, either on physical media such as CD/DVD and memory stick or via internet based tools such as FTP and Dropbox.

If TheRecord Manager – Guardian Edition is installed, you can export an encrypted copy of selected recordings and log sheets using the Export Panel. Each recording session and log sheet in your selection is converted to a password protected zip file using AES-128 encryption and stored in a dedicated sub-folder of your chosen destination folder (read more about AES encryption here).

"On a trillion machines, that each could test a billion keys per second, it would take more than two billion years to recover an AES-128 key"

When encrypting a selection of recordings and log sheets, you are prompted for a password (commonly referred to as an encryption key). This password is used to encrypt and decrypt the selected files. As with all passwords your security is influenced by the strength of your password. Even though AES encryption is considered among the best encryption techniques, if you have a single character password it can be easily discovered. For more information about creating secure passwords read this article from Microsoft.

ALWAYS keep your passwords secure. e.g. Do send the password in an email with the encrypted file.

Please read TheRecord Manager 5.6 User Guide (page 31) for information.

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