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KB00015 - How to modify FTR Reporter to archive to a Novell drive mapped folder

Summary :

How to modify FTR Reporter to archive to a Novell drive mapped folder.

Solution :

To archive to a mapped drive do the following:
  • Log on as administrator
  • Install Novell client - if not already installed (check FTR Reporter system requirements for correct version)
  • Map the required archive destination to a drive letter (for example drive letter "N")
  • From a command prompt run:

For 32 Bit Windows

c:\Program Files\FTR\FortheRecord\FTRReplicator -regserver

For 64 Bit Windows

c:\Program Files (x86)\FTR\FortheRecord\FTRReplicator -regserver

  • Create a Windows shortcut file for FTRReplicator and save the shortcut to:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

  • Write the following registry entry:


  • In FTR Reporter, set the network archive destination to the newly mapped rive.
    (Note: You must type in the mapped drive rather than use the Browse button.)
Because replicator drive mapping was performed as an Administrator it is also necessary to ensure that all users who log on to use FTR Reporter have access to the same mapped drive. Please take the following steps to ensure that required users have the appropriate access.
For each user that may log on to use FTR Reporter, log on as that user and:
  • Map drive letter "N" (for example) to the same folder as set up for the administrator.
  • Start recording and wait a minute.
  • Use Player to playback recordings from the archive location and check that recordings are being archived correctly.

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This worked great for FTR 5.6 while using Novell Client 2 SP3 (IR1a)

For Windows 7, the path for all users Startup is located here:


C:\ProgramData\Start Menu\Programs\Startup


Be aware, the All Users startup folder is hidden.