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When Sealing an entire day's recordings, log notes not on CD

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Posted 23 February 2013 - 04:47 PM

When using CD as the Archive method; One of our customers has just found that when an entire day is sealed, and Log Notes taken, the "Archive to CD/DVD" window never populates a second CD for archiving Log Notes, and doesn't put the Log Notes taken, during that time, onto the sealed CD. Are these Log Notes, taken during the Sealing process, ignored for any reason? Maybe we're incorrect in our assuming that sealing can be used for an entire day, but I don't know why. You might have an entire day's worth of juvenile docket, or one case that lasts all day? In our customer's mind, sealing refers to a proceeding, or part of a proceeding that should be kept from the public. Juvenile cases, or dockets, would qualify as that. However, not having the Notes archived on CD at all, or put in the sealed file, for that situation, seems a strange result.  


To add to this, we've noticed, for as long as we've been selling "Sealing," something about Log Notes, that we find odd. Again, we're archiving to CD. This is using 5.6.1, but all other versions of 5.X are the same. During the Archive process, where you have both Public and Sealed audio files created, all Log Notes, including those taken during the sealed recordings, go into the same Log Note file, and all on the Public CD. Any Log Notes, taken during the "Sealed" recordings, may, and probably would have, sensitive information that shouldn't be released to the Public. Shouldn't we expect that the Log Notes taken during a sealed recording be sealed as well? Or, is it intended that all Log Sheets, even those that are taken during sealing, be open to the Public? Also, the same questions apply to the files in the FTR Recordings file where the same is true...all Notes taken during a Sealed recording, are view-able in the Public file. If these are intended scenarios, could you explain why? My customer has asked me, and frankly I see this as a program fault, or, a lot of us aren't understanding what the connotation of "Sealing" is. I note that in sales releases it states that Guardian "enables clients to seal and or encrypt their recorded content, thereby restricting access to authorized personnel only." I suppose that could be read that it refers to the audio recordings, but you could also read it as to say that anything to do with that process is a recording...even the notes. However, I think I have it correct that FTR intends that this material is not for Public viewing.

Thanks, Ken

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